Unstuck for iPad review

We all get a little stuck from time to time. Life’s big (and even relatively small) decisions have the nasty habit of paralyzing us. An outside agency is often required to shake up our thinking, which is just where Unstuck comes in.

Just to be clear, this isn’t some hippy-dippy life-coach app. You won’t get any spiritual direction or advice on how to boost your chi or any such nonsense. This is aimed at ordering your thoughts, showing you new ways of thinking about your problems and identifying the issue at the root of the problem.

It’s very good at the identifying part, in particular. Unstuck begins by taking you through a fairly detailed questionnaire to determine what your problem is, incorporating such things as who it affects, how you feel about it and some of the things you feel about it. A report is then produced that spits all this information back at you in a funky new way.

It’ll also take a pop at labeling your issue in a new way. I got labelled a “Waffler,” for example, which means someone who endlessly talks around the issue without ever committing to a resolution. Yep, it’s pretty much got my number.

There are also a load of tools to help you come to a decision, but whether it’s the mapping tool or a mirror that puts you face-to-face with yourself, it’s all about repackaging the information you feed it in a new way.

But oh, what packaging. Unstuck is a truly lovely app to use, with bold blocks of colour and stylish fonts mixed in with artfully hand-scrawled pictures. The way your problem is persistently represented as scrawled-up piece of paper in the top-left corner is a cute touch, too.

All in all, Unstuck is a very well designed app. It offers little real insight, but it’s excellent at chopping up your issues, reheating them and presenting them in a new and unusual way. Half the time that’s exactly what we need.