Are you a gambler? Enjoy spinning the wheel, and letting chance and luck guide your fate? Well if you are then you should give Slots O Fun a try and download it from the App Store today. Developed by Rick Goulian, SlotsOFun is the only slot machine game for the iPhone with a Wheel of Fortune to spice up your winnings. It has an authentic game play, look and sounds to a real Las Vegas Slot machine!

Game Description: To start you automatically begin with $100 in credits. Bet One adds $1 from your Credits window to the Bet window. SPIN REELS will bet the amount in the Bet window and spin the wheels. MAX BET! automatically bets $3 and spins the wheels. Touching the bill acceptor adds $100 to your credits, but the bill acceptor only works after every 50 slot spins. You can also Place a Max Bet automatically by shaking the iPhone. Line up 3 Blue Sevens and win the jackpot of $7000! A SPIN symbol on the payline allows you to SPIN the Fortune Wheel and win instantly! You can change the settings by touching the ‘I’ button on the lower left of the screen. That helps us to turn the games sounds on or off, and also reset the game and start anew with $100 to play with.

SlotsOFun Game Likes:

  • Good Graphics
  • Lifelike sound effects (feels like you’re in the casino!)
  • Realistic Slot Machine Game play
  • SlotsOFun Wish-list:

It would be great to see other electronic gambling games incorporated into this for a larger variety

SlotsOFun is a great looking and fun iPhone app game. It’s colorful and the game play works and is as real as it can get. It can get a little old after time given the somewhat limited options, however that in essence is truly how a slot machine is so you can’t blame the app for being authentic. If you like Slots and need a fix in between trips to Vegas and Atlantic city then SlotsOFun may be for you.