Meet Goblins, Angry Birds, Rango and Others in 7 New Free iPad Games

All the people have breaks at works and some rests at home, quite a lot of us prefer playing a good game which sharpens reaction and trains reflexes to reading a newspaper for example.

The thing is that after one has played a game and felt that one’s skills have improved or even if one has won the game working process becomes a pleasure. Generals and commanders had their armies and great battles which is not possible in an office where one can quench one’s thirst of victory by playing various games on iPad.

This week the iPads House writing team proposes 7 new and free games that will let you feel a Caesar of your time.

1. Angry Birds Rio HD Free for iPad: Angry Birds is a living legend iPad game and the updates do so much good making it versatile. Now the birds are in Rio with the atmosphere of this city being reflected everywhere. How did they come here? They were kidnapped and secretly brought here but almost all of them managed to escape and now Angry Birds need to say a couple of rare macaws Jewel and Blu. Free version has 6 hilarious levels with a story based on the movie you must have seen or at least know about. New achievements and new twists will make you finish the game first and then remember that you probably were busy.

2. Rango the Game: If you do not know who Rango is please go and google it and then you will know why this free game is so popular. Rango is a lizard who is awkward and doesn’t seem to be able to live in the cruel Wild West for a long time. Moreover there is this nasty pesky hawk that saw Rango and now will try to catch him before he reaches the town. Get your Roadrunner and run as quickly as you possibly can! There will be several difficulty levels so don’t be too confident, you will see that running away from a beast is very hard. Numerous obstacles of various kinds will block your way and make you dodge and cacti will be there to hurt you.

3. Gems Swap HD: If you do not have spare time please do not get this game! It will make you forget about literally everything and things will stop. Swap the germs to destroy them but if you think that this game is only about matching threes then you will see something else. Beautiful bright germs will captivate you and surprise you by the difficulty to find matches. It is a perfect time-killer which will entertain you in any situation no matter where you are. Once again‚ the game is super addictive!

4. Bubble Squeeze HD: What do you do here? Squeeze bubbles. But of course it is not just about it. When squeezing bubbles with your finger you will need to make it in a special way‚ there will be a jumper and you need to take care of him and not to let him fall‚ when one falls from such a height one can simply die! You need to squeeze as many bubbles of the same color as you possibly can while you are keeping an eye on the jumper and his safety. The game has so much to show and bubble clusters so fancy that you will be convinced that there is hardly another bubble game as addictive as this one.

5. Overkill: If you need to relax it doesn’t mean that you should lie down and have some good rest. One can also relax and get rid of daily stress by shooting enemies in Overkill for one’s iPad. Much has already been said about the end of the world and this game is about one of the alternatives of the possible disaster. The plot is simple‚ you were hired to kill and you will get good money for everything you slaughtered and destroyed so fun starts now! Choose between 12 weapons‚ all of them can be upgraded to perfection‚ and hit the dusty roads teeming with enemy.

6. Goblin Invasion: I like Fantasy and find the plot of this free game simply amazing: once there were prosperity bubbles which were broken and the whole world saw how dangerous and destructive an economic crisis can be. Unemployment and corruption to say nothing of the artful manipulations of noble and goblins made ordinary people suffer. This game lets you build a village you will need to defend and create a household to overcome the crisis. This game is a unique strategy with beautiful graphics and funny sounds.

7. Doodle Jump: HOP the Movie: E.B. needs to gain experience in jumping and acquire the best jumping skills to continue the business of his father‚ the Easter Bunny. But jumping perfectly is not so easy so E.B. will need some help from the outside and that will be Doodle the Doodler. You will hot around the secret candy factory od the Easter Bunny to finally attempt to save him from the unexpected revolt made by Carlos and his accomplices. Feel free to enjoy 25 levels you will unlock and do not forget to collect candies while hopping around. Do you best and you will see in the end if you were good enough to take over your father’s business.