Best Christmas Apps for iPad

Christmas is a magical time of the year and we would like to make everything we can to ensure that this Christmas you will have the best apps for your iPad.

Check out the list below and dive into the warm, bright and cheerful atmosphere of the holiday coming in less than two months (well, two months are not a few days, but let us think so as long as we have these wonderful and best iPad applications for Christmas).

1. Christmas Countdown HD: If you take your calendar out several times a day, look for Christmas day, sigh and count days this app you can get for free is for you! It will countdown the days that are left before Christmas and show you the exact time (with minutes and seconds) you need to wait for it. So convenient, isn’t it? You can also listen to one of the Christmas songs while using this app. The badge will be automatically updated every day and will always remind you that days pass and Christmas is closer and closer.

2. Sleeps to Christmas: This app also counts time left till Christmas and is priced at $0.99. You can choose between various characters who will tell you how many sleeps, hours, minutes and seconds there are before your favourite holiday comes. The snow will be falling while you are using this app thus creating a wonderful festive atmosphere.

3. Gifts HD: Gifts HD might be a wonderful assistant during holidays it will cost you $5.99 while hiring a gift consultant might cost much more. Keep track of all the gifts you’ve chosen when they are purchased, wrapped and mailed. Never miss a single person Gifts HD lets you choose people from your contact list. There is an in-built calculator for those who prefer to double-check every detail and a TO DO list to never ever overlook anything. This Christmas iPad app is priceless indeed.

4. Fuzzle Christmas: What can be better than free Christmas edition of Fuzzle? The game is simple but really addictive! You have to group the balls into the line of five of the same colour and they will disappear. But when you make you next move new balls appear and you have to stay with the board not filled to the limit as long as you possibly can. The background is of Christmas style and all in all this app looks gorgeous!

5. Christmas Tree Decorator: If you love Christmas and feel like decorating the Christmas tree in winter and any other season this $0.99 app is just what you need! Create a perfect Christmas tree decorating it with candy canes, icicles, ornaments and coloured lights but try to be careful so that not to drop any of the decorations see what happens if you accidently do it! This app will also count the days till Christmas which is a great supplement.

6. Holiday Snow Globe: Christmas means presents, Christmas tree and of course snow! But what should you do if you live where it snowed million years ago for the last time? This holiday won’t pass without floating snowflakes just get Holiday Snow Globe app for your iPad for $2.99 and have fun! Shake your tablet and it will snow realistically in 3D. Use automatic and manual modes to fully enjoy this app.

7. How The Grinch Stole Christmas! Do you remember the first time you read this book? Your children shouldn’t miss it by any chance! Just get it for $3.99 and enjoy background music, splendid narration and beautiful artwork for every scene. You can also play this book like a movie to your children the pages will turn and the narration will be done automatically!

8. Twas The Night Before Christmas: Even Christmas can be a good time to teach your little ones to read naturally they will read about Christmas and we bet they will love this world famous poem and bright illustrations. Listen to it being narrated and see how the illustrations move! You can also choose the I’ll read mode so that your children could read the book on their own. This book is available for $0.99.

9. A Christmas Carol (by Charles Dickens): This is one of my favoutite Christmas books and it is definitely the right thing to create the X-mas mood before the holiday comes. Have the book for $6.99 and enjoy 3 hours of narration and a lot of useful features: chapter timings will keep you informed about the time the chapter will be finished in, convenient player controls will make navigating quick and simple and many more. Meet old Scrooge and have a time of your life listening to this audio book!

10. Wiggly Wiggly Christmas: This album will become the most popular one with you and your kids. It contains Christmas songs so catchy that the whole family can sing them together or hum when decorating the Christmas tree or cooking a delicious supper. Music unites, doesn’t it? Listen to it and tell us what you think.