Beat Sneak Bandit: Rhythmic iPad Game of the Week

How fantastic is the new game by Simogo? Beat Sneak Bandit was announced last November, and it has now become the iPad Game of the Week on iTunes.

How great is this rhythm puzzle game? Is it fun to play? How good is its design?

Let’s take a closer look at this iPad game of the week to see if it’s worth its price and your time.

Your Goal

Would you like to break into Duke Clockface’s mansion? You are a sneak bandit, by the way, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Besides, you have evil reasons to act like this. Duke stole the clocks from Pulsebury, and you are the one to take them back. Just don’t get caught. Ok?

You are not alone. Herbie the frog is there to help you. He will introduce you to the game’s basics and teach you how to move with the beat and complete each level.

You’ll have to hide from robots as if they spot you your robbery attempt will be unlucky.

There are a lot of traps on your way, including teleport pass, spotlights, gates and doors.

Be Creative

How good are you at planning out safe routes? Think, think and think as you reach smaller clocks and finally the main clock to end your adventure. Move to the beat only. Remember that if you move off beat, you might not be able to collect extra clocks.

Beat Sneak Bandit game for iPad


Beat Sneak Bandit is a fun puzzle game that is pretty forgiving. In case you fail a level over and over again, your buddie frog will let you skip it and move forward.

The design of this iPad game of the week is adorable. The music is also nice. You’ll heard jazz, electronic and fun as you proceed through each level.

Beat Sneak Bandit has 40 main levels. Additionally you can play 16 shadow levels.

Sometimes you’ll have to wait till you can claim all the clocks. It might be a bit frustrating. But the whole game is still fun and challenging for iPad users.