5 Brand New Educational iPad Applications for Children

Do you remember how you learned your ABC and numbers? And what about words and other things? For some of you it is time to teach your children these things and your iPad is the best tool ever to help you with it.

The iPads House writing team proposes you these 5 educational iPad apps that will make your life much easier because to learn such basic things well one needs a professional teacher. Please let us know if you have other educational apps that we didn’t mention in comments field below.

1. Kindergarten: 21 in 1 pack: When an application promises 21 apps in itself for $1.99 then it is a deal. Education is such a thing where the more your child learns the better it is for him or her that is why 21 apps is a perfect variant for all of you. Your little one will learn numbers and alphabet, days of week and all the months, different colors by playing with them.

Kindergarten will also teach children basic writing skills. I love the section about animals with 60 animal sounds and their names this is the most illustrative way to study them. To top it all there is a sketchbook where kids can draw with a variety of tools.

2. Talking Lila the Fairy for iPad: When a child wants to talk to someone but there is no one at his or her side they can talk to Lila. The beautiful fairy living on the meadow, she will sing to you or even cast a spell and make your spirits rise. You can choose between day and night times to talk with Lila, you can even tickle her!

The fairy will repeat anything you say and sing you songs if you press the song button. Your kids will also be able to record videos and share them with the whole world. The app is available for $2.99.

3. ABBY Monkey 7+2 First Words Preschool: This app is the best way to let your children learn different types of words. There will be so many of them: Colors, Common words, Fairy Tales, Animals, Shapes, Fruits and Vegetables 154 words in the app means a lot to mater.

The app has several modes: Game mode is about matching pictures and corresponding words; Learning mode is created for choosing between letters to make words. Such a variety of tasks is very good because changing activities children will never get bored and will learn faster. The app will cost you $1.99.

4. Finding Nemo: My Puzzle Book: I love this cartoon! The puzzle app about our favourite characters is just what kids will like. Professional narration will let you enter the magic world under the water. There is also a wonderful option of recording your voice or even the voice of your children reading the story and listen to it after that.

All in all there are three reading modes which will suit any user. Jigsaw puzzles with various levels of difficulty are so nice that I even regret that there are just four of them. The app can be purchased for $0.99.

5. TallyTots: TallyTots will teach your kids counting for $1.99. Playing and studying together can be extremely effective and you will see the results shortly. The app is very simple to use and small children won’t have any problem handling it. Several repetitions along with the visual and audio cues will make your little ones be successful in counting.

They will be delighted to find funny surprises that will make them come back to this application again and again. To sum it up, if you really want your little ones to make their first steps into simple mathematics then you need this app.