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Advanced Newsletter and Auto-Responder

     This project was inspired due to my latest interest in advertising and marketing. I caught wind of Mall23 and had to take a closer look. I was impressed with how clean and sleek their product was.

     The plug-in for the newsletter was written to allow you to create complex filters and send personalized messages to targeted audiences. Our newsletter plug-in uses an open source web editor to make beautiful HTML newsletters. The message filtering allows you to filter by purchases, money spent, specific items, user types, and even location. Customers are able to opt-out of the newsletter system if they desire, so it is non-intrusive. The plug-in is included with Mall23 at no additional cost. Anyone who purchased Mall23 before the newsletter system was started, or finished will still receive the newsletter plug-in through the Mall23 update system. Feel free to check out the demo if you like. After you login then you'll see the "Newsletter" image link on the left.

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