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   08-20-2012 - Lmao - Wrong Person?
Her profile picture:

What I wrote:
What up?

Even though you're much much older and you're a man I would usually pass you by. It looks like you grand daughter absoltuely adores you from the picture. I'm as staight as they get, but your profile came across as very genuine. The part about being kind stood out the most. I have to admit that I was a little surprised you have read the twilight series, cause the target demographic is definitley not retired age males. I am a little confused by the fact you have children, but claim you don't have any. It's ok. I understand step children can be difficult and sometimes not wanting to claim them. You seem like a very kind man, but the only thing I have to offer is friendship. I hope that is enough.


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08-20-2012 - Lmao - Emily
You winked at me. I've solved your riddle on match.com. My name is West not Simon. Why did you choose donaldsylime as your id? I am sending a topless picture of me to entice a response back from you. lol :)

Hello West,
Thanks for the mail, I really appreciate it... I will like to know you better.. Please write me again and tell me more about yourself, things that are not on your profile and I will do the same in my next email.. Also tell me where you currently live, where you were born and if you have kids... I really look forward to reading from you again

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have one child. My social security number is 326-64-3467. My bank account number is 65234097123464. Do you need me to send you some money via western union?


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08-20-2012 - Dink Around Stage of Life
I have just accepted that I'm in the dink around stage of my life. Thus brings you a new set of posts I like to call lmaoshtidmtamsfo. Ocassionally I will go onto a dating website and send messages out that make me laugh. They also make my friends and family laugh. Rarely, in fact never have I received a response back from any of the "Fun" messages I have left. Someone asked "What if you are emailing the one and you scare her off?". Pffff I don't care. I can't have a real relationship with anyone until the divorce is final anyways. I'm still laughing weeks/month later over the messages, which is probably longer and more fun then having a relationship anyways... in most cases. Since the blog posts are backwards you will read this last, but who care cause the juicy fun stuff is more important anyways.

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05-04-2012 - Me and Willys Pizza
Growing up as a kid I remember a place named Me and Willey's Pizza. You would get a bunch token for some family pizza meal purchase and a liter of soda. I think the tokens would cost 10 cents at the time. I remember games in the arcade such as Crazy Climber, Pac Man and a bunch of broken pinball machines. After I spent the tokens in the cheesy but fun arcade, then I would head over to the built in slide. The slide was where children with no tokens went to play until it was time to leave. The funny part is where it is probably 30 years later, I've had a couple buddies talk about it from their childhood also. It makes me wonder if I ever crossed paths at Me and Willey's Pizza as a child with anyone I know now. It like it so much as a child I remember trying to ride my big wheel with 6 pennies in my pocket to go to Me and Willey's. It was located in Sandy, Utah at roughly 9000 S and I-15. If you are reading this and have memories as well, please leave a comment for the rest of us to read. Thanks!

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11-04-2011 - HP laserjet MFP, Digital Sending and JRE problems
The current model I have been having problems with is the HP 9000 MFP. From some reason someone decided to make the "Digital Sending" menu stuff in java. I needed access to this menu to change the "Send From" option on the scan to email. Well, over the years java has gone through many changes. Using the latest versions of IE or Firefox are unable to pull this menu up. Either you get an illegal fault error or:

Your browser does not have the approprtiate Java Runtime Environment. Please update your system to the latest JRE.

Yes, the mispelling was also in there. I cut 'n pasted it straight from the webpage. After much trial and error I finally got it to work.

#1 - Make sure there is not JRE (Java Runtime Enviroment) installed. It will want to install SE v1.4.2_01
#2 - Make sure you are using IE 6. I tried using a couple different versions of Firefox, but was unable to get it to work. You are probably asking IE 6? What the crap? Yes, the easy way was to use "Windows Virtual PC". It had IE 6 all ready for me.
#3 - Make sure to uncheck the box labeled "Prevent MFP user from changing the Default 'From:' Address.

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11-01-2011 - The windows "Are you sure" box solution
Over the years I have had users ask me how to remove that annoying "Are you sure" box to keep from popping up. I've looked it up a couple times and finally decided to post it on my blog today for reference. There error message referencing this is "The published has not been verified". So to get rid of the annoying message do the following:

To disable the warning start the Group Policy Editor (Start > Run, type -gpedit.msc- and press OK) and go to:

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Attachment Manager

Then set -Inclusion list for low file types-
to Enabled and enter the file types you don't want to be warned about in the box (for example: .exe).

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09-16-2011 - How to get a bag of crap from Woot
For years I have known of the bag of crap from Woot. Any tech person I know covets getting one. I know of no one personally that has ever got one. The rumor is someone got a big screen TV from a bag of crap. The other day there was a woot off. In the middle of the woot off there was a Bag of Crap. I took the time to run a couple experiments this time. I used two browsers. Firefox and Internet Explorer. I opened 3 tabs on each. 6 total. I would change back and forth from http and https. I watched the URLs closely. There are only 3 main URLs needed to get a bag of crap. They are:


All other URLs seemed like redirects to get to those pages. Valuable time can be lost going through a redirect. If you know when a Bag of Crap is coming, then make sure to login to you account. Thanksgiving, Christmas and April Fools seems to be the standard days of Bag of Crap. Even though wou will still get timeout errors in the browser, I have reason to believe you will greatly increase your chances by just using the URL's above. Hopefully woot does not change them while I try to get me next bag of crap. Btw, my wife asked me what I think I might get. My response was "An inflatable dinosaur, old casette tape and hello kitty stickers. I'll be sure to post the contents when the bag arrives.

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06-23-2011 - Google Keyword Tool
Today I came across a keyword tool by google that I wanted to make note of.


There have been other I have tried using in the past, but this one had information that seemed to be valuable to me.

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05-06-2011 - PHP Error of a lifetime
I have been programming computers for quite some years. Today I came across an error I have never seen before. Below is the code:

Below is the webpage response:

If you have any ideas then please post below or email me. Thanks.

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04-13-2011 - Hacked =(
My server was hacked over the weekend. From what I could tell from the log files, the hacker had only been on the one day. So I think I caught it the same day. He started to try to install and configure some ilegend package. After I noticed he was on the server at the same time as me, I added an entry to block his IP Address. At the same time he start trying to undo what he had started adding.

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