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   12-20-2012 - 3D Printing and Guns
For a couple years now I've been paying attention to the 3D printing and desktop manufacturing industry. One debate that keeps on coming up is the printing of a gun. It was interesting to watch because you see a lot of banter about tighter gun control. With 3D printing you can print your own gun. There are even guns that can be printed in non-metallic materials to evade metal detectors. Makerbot just removed some guns parts from thingiverse in reference to the recent school shooting in Conneticut. The other avenue that seems like a hot topic is violent video games. The assumption is that violent video games attribute to these people planning and following through with these killings. I'm sure these violent video games aren't good for their mental health, but I don't think they are 100% to blame. Marilyn Manson made a statement years ago that still seems to hold true. Yeah yeah, I know he is creepy, but just hear me out for a sec. He made the statement that in the bible they still had murders and killings yet they never had violent video games to influence their behaviour. Ultimately in the end it is each persons decision to decide for themselves. If you leave a comment, then maybe try to address what you think is the largest factor that plays into the moral decay of society.

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