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   09-01-2012 - Lmao - Mommas boy
Even though I don't have a job.... or a car... I make up for it with my knowledge of dungeons and dragons. My 49 sided dice tells me we will storm the castle and you will be the princess over all of the kindom. Hold on a second. My mom's calling me. K, i'm back. I don't really go to the gym, but I definitely day dream about it more then anyone else. To be honest, I'm probably the most seditary person you will ever know. Ever hear the phrase "Opposites Attracts"? Well, I really think we were MFEO. So, there is this larping (live action role playing) event on Friday. Want to go? My mom says she can pick you up at 6pm. Are you interested?

Archemedes :)

Her Response - I need to mention that the woman that responded total powned me. I almost never get responses, so with a response like hers is absolute golden.

Oh my gosh! I totally love dungeons and dragons! I have always wanted a 49 sided dice. It must be fate! We are meant to be together! I have a great job and a really nice car, so you don't need those anyways. All I need is you and that 49 sided dice. I must admit that the fact that you're sedentary, completely turns me on. I am a bit on the wild side. I have some very sharp teeth, and let's just say, I know how to use them to my advantage....and you won't be able to get away (oh, such a bad girl). I love you, I mean, I love the idea of your mom coming to pick me up to go larping. I will play the vampire, and you can play my helpless, sedentary victim. Do you think your mom would video record it for us? Maybe we could become the celebrity types. I am so glad you found me....I am completely opposite from my profile, so we will get along perfectly. Here is my address: 49 Bloodsucker Lane, Transylvania, Utah. Please call me. My number is 666-666-6666

Oh, Archemedes, I can't wait for your mom to come pick me up. I just know we were meant to be together forever....

Your ETERNAL Soul Mate,


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