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   05-04-2012 - Me and Willys Pizza
Growing up as a kid I remember a place named Me and Willey's Pizza. You would get a bunch token for some family pizza meal purchase and a liter of soda. I think the tokens would cost 10 cents at the time. I remember games in the arcade such as Crazy Climber, Pac Man and a bunch of broken pinball machines. After I spent the tokens in the cheesy but fun arcade, then I would head over to the built in slide. The slide was where children with no tokens went to play until it was time to leave. The funny part is where it is probably 30 years later, I've had a couple buddies talk about it from their childhood also. It makes me wonder if I ever crossed paths at Me and Willey's Pizza as a child with anyone I know now. It like it so much as a child I remember trying to ride my big wheel with 6 pennies in my pocket to go to Me and Willey's. It was located in Sandy, Utah at roughly 9000 S and I-15. If you are reading this and have memories as well, please leave a comment for the rest of us to read. Thanks!

(1) Comments

I remember it. We were eating pizza one day and you thought there was a rock on your pizza. It turned out to be a loose tooth that had fallen out. Good Times!

(09:09 am) 08-03-2012

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