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   11-04-2011 - HP laserjet MFP, Digital Sending and JRE problems
The current model I have been having problems with is the HP 9000 MFP. From some reason someone decided to make the "Digital Sending" menu stuff in java. I needed access to this menu to change the "Send From" option on the scan to email. Well, over the years java has gone through many changes. Using the latest versions of IE or Firefox are unable to pull this menu up. Either you get an illegal fault error or:

Your browser does not have the approprtiate Java Runtime Environment. Please update your system to the latest JRE.

Yes, the mispelling was also in there. I cut 'n pasted it straight from the webpage. After much trial and error I finally got it to work.

#1 - Make sure there is not JRE (Java Runtime Enviroment) installed. It will want to install SE v1.4.2_01
#2 - Make sure you are using IE 6. I tried using a couple different versions of Firefox, but was unable to get it to work. You are probably asking IE 6? What the crap? Yes, the easy way was to use "Windows Virtual PC". It had IE 6 all ready for me.
#3 - Make sure to uncheck the box labeled "Prevent MFP user from changing the Default 'From:' Address.

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