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   06-04-2013 - I have met my nemesis
Last year I made headlines in my circle of 20+ friends with my zany messages to women on dating sites. Today I have met my Nemesis. Another guy has been frequenting dating sites drawing funny looking portraits of women and giving it to them. I'd be completely flattered if I received one, but we all know some people would be mortified.

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04-24-2013 - 15 year old discovers a better, faster, cheaper way of detecting cancer
I enjoy reading stories about disruption in markets where new products come in and change the way things are being done. Such as the ipod and the walkman. Today I found a story about a 15 year old kid who discoveres a better, cheaper, faster way to detect certain cancers. It's stories like these that bring hope. It was amazing in the video how he used the internet for his research. I'm also amazed how much determination this kid had to succeed. This kid is a hero.

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02-13-2013 - Nathan Davidson Obituary
Nate Davidson passed away a couple days. He's been one of my best friends since middle school. His obituary only gave a little insight as to who he was. So I decided to post my own obituary on my blog. Nathan was shy when I met him. He would whiper in my ear as kids all the things he thought was funny. And yes they were very funny. I remember showing him my 300 baud modem. Days later he had bought a modem and knew much more then I did. His Amiga was so much better then my commodore 64. We would go to his house after school (no parents), but then would go to my house after his parents got home. I remember we both painted our motorcycles with the same forest green paint. We both made the mistake of touching the paint with our finger before it dried. Thus the eternal finger print on the bottom of both gas tanks. After high school we took the gray hound to Oklahoma to see Josh. $68 round trip. Riding that bus was the most exciting trip I've ever had. 20 years later we still laughed about the "boom boom boom. Me and Wyatt Earp" story. Nathan was the first to learn how to progam computers. It was because of him answering my programming questions that I was able to learn to program myself. We built TV jammers in high school. I remember him using his at my parents house after I'd already been busted. I still can see him laughing at the bottom of the stairs and my mom yelling downstairs "West! Knock it off". Before online games were LAN games. We played countless hours of Warcraft 2, Starcraft and Age of Empires. He was a very good competitor. When I was 23 I was in a really bad car accident. Near Death. He was one of the first people to show up to the hospital. I'm still laughing over him setting Chris's browser homepage to www.gay.com when he wasn't looking. I was glad to see him end up marrying Kim. She did a really good job of taking care of him, especially in his last days. The only regret I have is that we never took the motorcycle trip to the abandoned mining town at the top of some mountain that he had found out about. I think Chris and I will complete the trip, but it won't be the same without Nate. Today is a sad day for the world to lose such a great man. Farewell old friend.

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02-06-2013 - Manufacturing jobs leaving China
Today I saw posted a story done by 60 minutes. It was about how manufacturing jobs are leaving China. I knew Amazon bought a company many months ago for $300+ million that automated warehouses. I have felt for a couple years now that desktop manufacturing was an emerging market. I had a theory that eventually someone would use something like CNC to start automating simple tasks to start bringing manufacturing back to the United States. What didn't occur to me is the problem with creating new jobs for the economy. The world in 10-20 years will probably be different then it is now. Will we all become Walmart employees? the only thing I can be certain of is that the world is changing.

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12-20-2012 - 3D Printing and Guns
For a couple years now I've been paying attention to the 3D printing and desktop manufacturing industry. One debate that keeps on coming up is the printing of a gun. It was interesting to watch because you see a lot of banter about tighter gun control. With 3D printing you can print your own gun. There are even guns that can be printed in non-metallic materials to evade metal detectors. Makerbot just removed some guns parts from thingiverse in reference to the recent school shooting in Conneticut. The other avenue that seems like a hot topic is violent video games. The assumption is that violent video games attribute to these people planning and following through with these killings. I'm sure these violent video games aren't good for their mental health, but I don't think they are 100% to blame. Marilyn Manson made a statement years ago that still seems to hold true. Yeah yeah, I know he is creepy, but just hear me out for a sec. He made the statement that in the bible they still had murders and killings yet they never had violent video games to influence their behaviour. Ultimately in the end it is each persons decision to decide for themselves. If you leave a comment, then maybe try to address what you think is the largest factor that plays into the moral decay of society.

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09-11-2012 - Isotopes and nuclear weapons
Isotopes cesium-137 and strontium-90 did not exist in nature prior to the first use of nuclear weapons in 1945. Because of this they are able to detect forgeries in art prior. I found this so fascinating that I had to post it.

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09-03-2012 - Lmao - Just outright lies
The three words that describe me are lazy, directionless and stinky. I like to stay indoors. I have 26 cats. Each has their name start with each letter of the alphabet. I like spam on bread and support gay marriage, but only between illegal aliens. I like to sell amway to telemarketers and have bad teeth. I have been abducted by aliens 19 times, and enjoyed every minute of it. Everything you have ever looked for in a man... I am not. If you ever want my number, you can find it on the bathroom wall at walmart in Taylorsville. Stall #3.

In all reality, nothing above is true. I just thought it would be nice for you to have something to read and be able to laugh about it. Well... Uhmm... Except for the part about aliens.

Her (Same woman from below playing along. Very golden once again)

Dear Stinky, (I'm assuming that's your name)
First of all, the sense of smell is by far my strongest sense. The fact that your name is stinky leads me to believe that you would likely be very sensual. You have no idea how much of a turn on that is. If my father heard these dirty words coming out of my mouth, I would be in trouble! See, his name is Papa Smurf and he is very protective of me. I'm so glad that you support illegal aliens. Technically I'm a cartoon character so that sort of makes me an illegal alien too. Do you like the color blue? I hope so. Technically my skin is blue but I like to call it periwinkle. I find it fascinating that you know how to count from a to z. That is my dream. Someday I will achieve it. I frequently go to Walmart. For some reason security usually escorts me out. I don't understand why. They're very discriminating against little periwinkle blue cartoon characters. It pains me to know that I am so close to your number but that I can never quite make it that far past security. Perhaps you should call me. My number is written on the top of a giant mushroom in sandy. I just know we would become instant friends. And if you smell as stinky as your name suggests, we may even become more than friends...quickly. Looking forward to your call.

Waiting for your call,

Me (I decided to change it up a little bit)

Are you Smurfette? Rumor has it you have been peddling your shrooms in my neck of the woods. My name is Jacquez. I'm the drug lord of columbia. I think we can settle this peacefully. After reading your profile, I have grown fondles of you. A woman with your skillset belongs to me. The way you brew your drugs makes my fake mustache curl. We could rule the world together... 80% me, 20% you... Very fair if you ask me. With you being short, we could see eye-to-eye, and not like all the other tall women that get creeped out when I stares eye levels at their boobs. Hold on a sec... i'd like a super soft taco, a crisp meat burrito and a chaco-taco with diet coke. Ignacio? Is that you working the drive thru? Laters Nacho. Ok, i'm back. So how about you choo-choo-choose me, and I let all 100 of your family live?

Yours Truly,

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09-01-2012 - Lmao - Mommas boy
Even though I don't have a job.... or a car... I make up for it with my knowledge of dungeons and dragons. My 49 sided dice tells me we will storm the castle and you will be the princess over all of the kindom. Hold on a second. My mom's calling me. K, i'm back. I don't really go to the gym, but I definitely day dream about it more then anyone else. To be honest, I'm probably the most seditary person you will ever know. Ever hear the phrase "Opposites Attracts"? Well, I really think we were MFEO. So, there is this larping (live action role playing) event on Friday. Want to go? My mom says she can pick you up at 6pm. Are you interested?

Archemedes :)

Her Response - I need to mention that the woman that responded total powned me. I almost never get responses, so with a response like hers is absolute golden.

Oh my gosh! I totally love dungeons and dragons! I have always wanted a 49 sided dice. It must be fate! We are meant to be together! I have a great job and a really nice car, so you don't need those anyways. All I need is you and that 49 sided dice. I must admit that the fact that you're sedentary, completely turns me on. I am a bit on the wild side. I have some very sharp teeth, and let's just say, I know how to use them to my advantage....and you won't be able to get away (oh, such a bad girl). I love you, I mean, I love the idea of your mom coming to pick me up to go larping. I will play the vampire, and you can play my helpless, sedentary victim. Do you think your mom would video record it for us? Maybe we could become the celebrity types. I am so glad you found me....I am completely opposite from my profile, so we will get along perfectly. Here is my address: 49 Bloodsucker Lane, Transylvania, Utah. Please call me. My number is 666-666-6666

Oh, Archemedes, I can't wait for your mom to come pick me up. I just know we were meant to be together forever....

Your ETERNAL Soul Mate,


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08-20-2012 - Lmao - POF - Randomness
I read your profile and saw randomness. That is awesome! I'm into it also. I still can't believe random numbers aren't really random. I've been trying to figure out the seed numbers for Keno at the at the Rainbow Casino in Nevada for 6 months now. Hopefully once I crack it they won't figure me out so quick. Reno was a huge mess and mistake. Believe me, I learned from it.

So what applications are you using your passion for random number generation in?

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08-20-2012 - Lmao - POF - Networking
I read you interests and I saw networking. That is awesome! I'm into computers also. The configuration on cisco routers seem to give me problems sometimes, but overall they are reliable. Whenever users can't get internet is when I heat complaints the most. I've worked really hard on not just saying "move" to other people when they get in the way when i'm working.

So what got you interested in networking? Are there other parts of the computer industry that you are interested in, but don't mention? Like programming?

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